A transformation is underway in Lisbon. Historic neighborhoods once filled with old buildings with poorly maintained facades are now giving way to restored areas and new buildings. The city is attracting a lot of foreign investment and quickly becoming an important art center in Southern Europe.

Tourists flock through the narrow streets of the sixteenth century, there are Tuk Tuks, Segways, bicycles, of all forms and means of locomotion. In one of these alleys is located Atelier49 of the famous illustrator and painter Hauke Vagt. Tourists eager to buy souvenirs will find Hauke’s unique paintings an invaluable remembrance of Lisbon.

In Lisbon art is where it is least expected

Hauke’s paintings depict the day-to-day life of the famous Alfama district, with its picturesque inhabitants, houses, clothes hanging from balconies, alleys and more alleys, and especially the people who live there, who are the inspiration for his creations.

Most shops in downtown are all kinds of trinkets, but if you want something really unique you must go to Atelier49 where things are not done in serial mode, everything is done in an artisan old fashioned way.

Notched panel in Graça neighborhood

Luis is an Information Technology professional with experience in the Printing Industry. In love with Lisbon and all kinds of art, architecture and photography. Living in Lisbon since 2013 he’s a serial entrepreneur having started many businesses. Currently CEO & Founder of Arando Software that aims to make it easy for online entrepreneurs to sell printed products online.

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