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More than 20 years to portray Lisbon! Take a piece of the city with you, your memories, the alleys, the view over the river Tagus, the smell of food. Everything can be yours with the creative arts of illustrations expert Hauke Vagt.

Fernando Pessoa

Gato penduras

Tasca and Football

Lisbon chaos

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Lisbon Street Art

Lisbon Street Art

A transformation is underway in Lisbon. Historic neighborhoods once filled with old buildings with poorly maintained facades are now giving way to restored areas and new buildings. The city is attracting a lot of foreign investment and quickly becoming an important...

LX Factory Lisboa

LX Factory Lisboa

LX Factory is one of my favorite spots in Lisbon and I make sure to visit everytime I’m passing by. The history of LX Factory is quite amazing. Back in 1846, Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense, one of the most important textile factory complexes of Lisbon,...

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